lions gorge

The Lion Gorge – A ‘hidden’ spiritual echo and Right of Return of the Mother!


Hidden deep under the ‘mind mazes’ of pretty houses and dizzying motorways in Chafford Hundred, Grays Thurrock, Essex, is a very profound ‘spiritual echo* called The Lion Gorge – a former mined chalk quarry of superb, tranquil beauty.

It is a prehistoric wonderland with huge chalk cliffs up to 97 million years old and tells a unique story of natures ability to reclaim back what is Her’s considering the industrial action undertook here since 1874 and finally dissolved in 1954 to allow a haven of wildlife to flourish.

Migrating birds, bats and newts inhabit the meadows, lakes and woodlands and rare Orchids thrive in the chalk rich lands which form around Chafford Gorges Nature Park for 200 acres. It’s noted as the finest example of geology in south Essex!

But I write not about everyday nuances – albeit beautiful – but the profound meditative depths that this place instils from the moment you enter this Heavenly Gateway. Here, a gush of peace came over me which instantly reset my breathing to slow deep elixirs of life……

In Grace We Enter…

It is filled in the presence of air elemental’s which restore natural breathing rhythm in quite remarkable, effortless ways of expression. It’s almost as if something is breathing for you carried in a wave of Omnilove throughout multiple enchanting timelines which shimmer through the aqua misty waters. Once upon a time, this area was surrounded by magnificent sub-tropical ocean with sharks swimming around and no doubt at some point, dinosaurs feeding from the foliage…..

In mystical terms, it reminds me of the ancient lands of LeMUria ** which still exist in a Vibratory Field but just spinning at a different ‘angular rotation of particle spin‘ and if you hit the Dial at the sweet spot by breathing in correct ratios – which this magical place does almost effortlessly – you can be transported there through accessing a Time-Gate Portal which opens through the Aurora Platform, receiving a profound peace and remembrance of these ancient sacred lands.

Sun Obelisks, Orion’s Gate 09:09

Time stands still here, it really is quite magical to witness. I am living on the periphery of a New Earth paradise and believe me I don’t say this lightly as I’ve spent the past year trapped in ‘3d hell’ of moving home 5 times due to severe harassment from an ex neighbour which intensified because of performing re-encryption Sun Obelisks, Mission Codes on 09:09:19 in my then beautiful garden which didn’t go down too well with the ‘Atmospheric Intruders’ surrounding this person.

sun obelisks
Sun Obelisks, fusion of 2016 09:09 Orion codes with 2019 09:09 Codes, copyright Auror’Ah ©

However, here all illusion ceases to exist…. One is transported back to peaceful times before the corruption, before the hatred and crimes, just verdantly rich in an eco-system which echoes of eternity. All else seems synthetic, with an acrid taste and yet there does still exist an ‘anger’ lurking in the midst. The ‘Chalk Face’ which looks rather ‘demonic’ in appearance (see image i), isn’t happy – but I believe it’s perfectly curable – because he morphs into a white Lion’s face and Cat’s Body with fluffy tail, at Will. (see image ii & iii)

The Lion Gorge - A 'hidden' spiritual echo and Right of Return of the Mother! 1
(image i) angry demon face

I believe he’s angry because of the assault of his ‘body’ for over 170 years stripping his minerals bare and invading his chalk cliffs – which is the aspect ‘stuck in time’ so to speak – who demands respect until shape-shifting into his true essence of a fine Animal Spirit of this land.

So why am I here, other than to rest my weary body from the assault of cruelly being ripped out of my ‘Luxury Cave’ of 19 years and having to move home so many times whilst witnessing the global assault of Earth’s inhabitants, giving away their Right to Freedom and liberation from the tyranny of ‘false power’ playing out in the arena of anti-life?

Well as my father says: “Every disappointment is a blessing” and I simply wasn’t shifting from my ‘cave’ so the ‘perpetrator’ not only did me a favour by forcibly catapulting me out of it – which was gonna take the force of a rocket-Ship to shift me – but it got me out of the epi-center of corruption and black-hole technologies taking place in London, which I am doubly grateful for!

We will do good to remember that every Nemesis that appears in our lives – for whatever reason – is truly a Genesis in disguise! Whether cloaked in ‘dark cloth’ or soul smiling through you, its how we convert this intention in order to master our own fate and steer our own Ship, so to speak:


Out of the night that covers me,
      Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
      For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
      I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance
      My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
      Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
      Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul
William Ernest Henley

(listen to a reading of Invictus by AurorA’h)

Right of Return of The Mother

Well, deep within the swirling Vortex of the Lake exists majestic underground caverns to Aurora Earth Platforms as mentioned, implemented by Aurora Beings, (E-Sha-NeU-A) as fail-safe passageways to UrTha which is a parallel to Earth existing in a higher harmonic filled in liquid-light plasma frequencies of omnipotent splendour and beauty carrying the frequency, resonance and vibration of Gold. (Au)

Aurora Caverns/Platforms

(Future Timeline: Please refer to Inner-Earth Series, Presentation when its released next March 2021)

I believe my Higher Power has drawn me here because I sincerely prayed to the Earth to send me somewhere where I may be of valuable Service? Where I am welcomed by the bosom of the Mother! And amidst the most tumultuous and strangest of circumstances I find myself here in this magical presence, as thus commanded by the Right of Return of the Mother and Golden Mother Arc.

The Lion Gorge - A 'hidden' spiritual echo and Right of Return of the Mother! 4
Lake Vortex

Golden Mother Arc

The Golden Mother Arc has returned to Earth to reclaim her Ruby Sun Diamond DNA which was stolen and inverted many moons ago worshipping the false Lunar Mother causing a myriad of birth pains, period pains, sexual misery programmes and wounded aching hearts ruled by Black Suns which imposed their heart grids around this race strand because they hold original Stafire Letters and Time Vector codes to the 9th and 11th Dimension. (911)

Golden Mother Arc, Vortex

We instigate an ’emergency procedure’ to holistically reclaim these Lands once again adopting Quantum Holographic Architecture, measures to delicately weave back together the original tapestry of life, woven in millions of silken light threads. This is a delicate, complex procedure and not to be man-handled or trampled upon as we gently remember our STARFIRE ACTIVATION into inner-worlds of safety, Truth and Highest Order.

This is a Time-line where we remember our Star Name Vibrations to boldly yet gently weave this Tapestry of Light throughout the Cosmos expanding our consciousness allowing us to UNITE together with several Star Nations who support the cherishment and sovereignty of Earth and assist us to protect her Oceans, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Volcanoes, Caves and infrastructure through adopting an Elemental Re-Encryption Zone to restore harmonic Grids once again.

Star Name Vibrations

If you wish to remember Star Name Vibrations to assist in returning home to Cosmic Mother, please listen to this brief audio TransMission to assist you? This is an invocation to call forth your true Star Essence held within the Cosmic Crystal of Creation (E-Cousha) which soothes and brings identity and comfort and especially connection when one feels alone, intimidated, confused, fearful or under attack.

The sound syllables are resonant undertones encoded in elongated light waves of Omnilove which call from deep within the Cosmic Mother Aethers to remember that you never walk alone. In Truth you have a multitude of star vibrations that amiably walk along side you waiting for your Call!?

All is returned to the Mother!

Elemental Re-Encryption Zone

In the Aurora Pillars of Light, Presentation we discuss the Elemental Re-Encryption Zone as a carrier wave of frequency information to top up our sensors, refresh spirit as Portals of Peace and beam us to Stargate’s Home! It is the inner-outer wonderland of true rich ether’s where FortUnity ™ consciousness overflows in rich eternal abundance and we place ourselves in our strong-hold, fortresses protected by ‘Knights of Honour’ who lovingly, yet fiercely protect these sacred lands.

We all have this vibration, frequency and resonance encoded in our Core Seed Atom which is your Divine Christos Blueprint waiting to burst forth and ignite in order to grow once again in the idea of the ‘Garden of Edon’ before the Fall – before the corruption, cheats and lies and the ‘Artful Dodgers:’ “came and took what was not theirs and buried them in their deep, dark insidious lairs!”

rEOHere, in the Elemental Re-Encryption Zone we reclaim all that was lost and stolen and place ourselves upon the seat of glory, not in defiance or ego arrogance but pure knowingness and remembrance of our Royalty missions stemming from vast ancient noble civilisations.

In Grace We Enter…

We begin this “emergency procedure” Now, with a beautiful Ceremony of Light performed at this very special oasis. Called as Messengers of Truth and Bearers of Bounty of these ancient organic, rich lands which fills my heart, lungs, mind and soul with goodness and elixirs beyond anything I have ever witnessed. Where we holistically mine through the chalk to uncover the Krystal Palaces and true meaning of intoxication, bathed in the healing Krystal Waters which flows as a Fountain of Youth & Eternal beauty as a Holy Union with the Mind of the Divine:

09:09 Orion’s TransMission

“In Grace We Enter..”

Elemental Re-Encryption Zone: Return of the Mother Arc & restoration of the Ruby Diamond DNA

A ‘live’ TransMission performed in Lion Gorge, Chafford Hundred, 9th September @ 13:13 pm UK Grid Time

Join us, whether physical or etheric on 9th September (09:09) 2020 @ 13:13 pm UK Time to reset harmony Grids Now and for future time-lines to come. You may contact me using the CONNECT form for any questions relating to this Mission or go to PODCAST page where it will be made available as a Download so you can tune in at a later date?

(For those greeting us at a later timeline than 09:09, do not fret your presence will be heard and felt sending ripples out across the Omniverse to be holistically gathered up and used to heal as necessary, as these Missions are free of Time & Space).

We greet you within the depths of your rich, magnificent hearts.

Most lovingly, On High

AurorA’h & The Beloveds

IMPORTANT: Please see Article II: Return of the Mother – Cosmic Playground for addendum Vibratory material. Also PODCAST: Return of the Mother series for Ceremony and Activations.

The Sisterhood of the Rose and LeMUria

** DOWNLOAD a beautiful Vibratory Article on LeMUria and The Sisterhood of the Rose

*A ‘Spiritual Echo is a subterranean tunnel, cave, or platform that links one Vector Point to another Dimension(s) through opening a ‘Neutron Window’ which is the Zero-Point gateway home to Source.

Nature Reserve Sources:

The Essex Field Club,

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Healthy Life, Essex