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  • Monthly Maps: September 2022 – Creativity Soul, Studio: LAUNCH PARTI-Ki



    This is an multi-sensory immersion experience and we will be performing a Presentation TransMission, guided meditation/activation, collective healing and Q & A’s and cannot say how long this will be, lets say 3-4 hours, could be more or less……. PLEASE HAVE A ‘RECORD CARD’ OR PAPER AND COLOURED PENS/PENCILS/SPARKLES etc FOR SOUL TRANSMISSIONS. Thank you! Aux

  • mother-arc-rainbow

    Mother Arc, Rainbow


    Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Stargate, rich, magical Lands, Massive Pylon Crystal Generators, Light, Sound, frequency patterning’s to bring deep remembrance and soul star comfort..

  • UlurU

    Mother Arc, UlurU


    Mother Arc, UlurU

    *UPDATE 11:11:21*  Within loreful respect of the Sovereigns of Australia I have made this Template as a GIFT for All.

    Please see SCROLL Dear Freedom Fighters

    The Mother Arc Opens and ancient Treasures are revealed through Cosmic Egg and Heart of Creation… UlurU, (Ayers Rock) Australia….. Inter-dimensional Time-Jump Stargate to Mother Cosmic Aethers to activate Sacred (Mother) Dragon.

    Commanding strength, regaining Power of Presence…… Commitment to Mission, undaunted……. Healed, whole, re-born to overcome all adversaries.

    Dragon 1st Fire Activation, warm, fiery Volcano Heart and Cosmic Earth-Heart Mother STARGATE

  • Plasma-Pod



    ** SPECIAL GIFT **

    Plasma Pod, Frequency Booklet (PDF)

    Activation of Plasma Pod (MP3)

    Beluga Codes, Light Language (MP3)

    Electric Storm (MP3) * see below video

    Light Template (Image)

    In-Joy pulsating sensations……… Go easy!

    Lovingly, Au x 

    [3d-flip-book mode=”fullscreen” id=”28810″][/3d-flip-book]



  • plasmatics



    Electric Plasma Balls, Rainbow Manifestation Balls and rich wonderland of Quantum Physics, Stargate Opener… Earth, Air, Fire Water, Conductor…. Electricity and Water Temples.

  • Quan Yin-Krystal-Rose-Heart

    Quan Yin, Template


    Quan Yin – Crystal-Rose Heart, Frequency Activator and stabiliser, infused into Core Seed of Heart & Soul.

    Multiple Holographic Roses pouring out liquid Rose Light of love, infused directly within heart chambers, overwriting illusionary tales of love, power & control…… RESETTING COMPASS TO TRUE:

    Raw, authentic Love..


  • SOURCE SHIELD : Tune Up!


    SOURCE SHIELD : Tune Up!

    please see below

  • Stargate Aurora

    Stargate Aurora


    A multi-sensory visual journey into the electric Rock-STAR Creation …

    Multi-prismatic Light. A STAR GATE Opener.. Liquid Light abunDANCE Codes, transcend ‘Black Hole’ illusion..

    Andromedan Galaxy High Vibes!

  • starseed chrysalis

    Starseed, Chrysalis


    Awakening Starseeds to Soul Mission and life purpose,

    Soul Star comfort within Pod of Life, Galactic Connection: Sirius Timelines & Vista Points..

    Coded Message!

  • TrueLove

    True Love


    Notions of ‘True Love’ Sacred Union, Twin Flame embodiment, Self-Love.  A Call of Soul to listen to harmonic tunes of love coming through Open Door..