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  • Aurora-Pillars-of-Light

    Aurora Pillars of Light!


    – Frequency Stabiliser

    This is my Core Stabiliser, bringing Light, Colour % Sound resonating securely within 4 gigantic, Cathedral Pillars…

    This is truly “Lights, Camera, Action”.  To feel confidence and courage to take positive action in life!  Earthed & rooted, yet perfectly connected to Higher Codes of Truth!

    “Bouncing Bouncers” of tremendous strength, support and encouragement to fulfil Mission Codes undisturbed by electronic/inorganic interference and beyond..

  • dna

    DNA, Sun Disc


    DNA Sun Disc,


    A very special frequency Activator: DNA Living Light Code (Dynamic Network Access), invites you to marvel at visual receptors within Krystal Kaleidoscope Video Series.



    If you have been part of any trauma MK Ultra Mind Control programming, please ask in your heart whether this Template will best serve you?  If you get a “yes”, please continue and consult PROTOCOLS page for support?  If you get a “no”, please TRUST this and do not download this package.

    Whilst, it has been created in best, Highest Intention, it contains a butterfly which can be used in mind control trauma tactics.  However, this Template, nor any part of the Krystal Kaleidoscope series is related to MK Ultra: Monarch Butterfly.

    In fact, it is an Overwrite Khee to dissemble and neutralise this distortion, being merely a butterfly signifying the catalytic principle of the beautiful transitory nature of our DNA lifeform;  But sadly this can have significant implications to those dealing with severe, unresolved trauma.  TRUST YOUR ORGANIC GUIDANCE!

    Please see: