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Hands of Light :

A Catalyst of Change

Crystal Fingers: Etheric Surgery Bio luminescence,

Crystalline, Light, Colour & Sound technologies

My apologies but I am cancelling this course for the moment. I will post any directions if necessary as soon as I have further guidance. I am so sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, AurorA’h

8th Oct – 19th Nov 2023 @ 2pm

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Phase One:

{8/10/23} @ 2-6pm :

Phase II:

{22/10/23}@ 2-6pm :

Phase III:

{5/10/23}@2-6pm :

Phase IV:

{19/11/23} @2-6pm :

Hands of Light: Etheric Surgery Bio Luminescence 1

This is a dynamically intensive, multi-sensory immersion experience/Course, creatively crafted in love, integrity and wisd0m codes to bring the most catalytic transformations abundantly flowing into your life-stream…

Structured as free-flowing Presentations with each Phase offering, multi-eclectic transmissions, experiential teachings, activations, collective healings and Q & A’s…

I cannot say how long these classes will be, lets say 3-4 hours, depending on frequency flow : Could be more, certainly not less……

Please read all the Tablets carefully to familarise yourself with the course information.

Materials : Please bring BLANK PAPER OR A BLANK JOURNAL AND COLOURED PENS/PENCILS/sparkly things etc FOR SOUL TRANSMISSIONS and essential Vibratory Notes… 🙂

I look forward to welcoming you into this exceptional Ma-STaRry course..


Option I: £180

Option II: *If you prefer a payment plan, please choose option above: 1st payment : £100 \ final payment : £80 – I will kindly send you a payment request 30 days after booking via email.

Option III In exceptional circumstances, I will make this Course available by a minimum DONATION. Please kindly contact me to discuss a resonant frequency.

In gratitude, lovingly AurorA’h 💛

Hands of Light: Etheric Surgery Bio Luminescence 1

These are 4 exceptional phases created to amplify bio resonance of innate crystalline technology:

Crystal Fingers: Etheric Surgery bio luminescence .

Each Phase is every two weeks to allow plenty of integration and practice time.

Phase ONe 8th October 2023 @2pm

Phase II 22nd October 2023 @ 2pm

Phase III 5th November 2023 @2pm

Phase IV 19th November 2023 @2pm

each class is apprx 4 hrs, (no less than 3) depending on frequency flow and as intuitively guided.


If you are unable to join live – all is well – the REPLAY & DOWNLOAD link is in the PDF you receive after you purchase this course. The Replays will appear in the Frequency Folder within 2-3 hours of each of the 6 phases. But please allow up to 24hrs for any technicals.

All healings, frequencies and vibrations will be free of time and space so you can tune in, or retune in as many times as you like…

i) After you purchase this Course you will receive a PDF INVITE that includes the LINK (2nd page) to join the ZOOM meeting. Each week you will receive a new invite link via the email you provided. ii) FREQUENCY FOLDER: All Replays/Downloads/Course Material will be available in a Frequency Folder (3rd page) for each of the 6 phases, so please keep the PDF link handy as this will be updated for each phase of the course. Also, you will be sent an email after each Phase with a link to the Frequency Folder.

Emotional Triggers :

Please know, these Courses can be emotionally Triggering due to the raw, sensitive – and at times – controversial nature of some of the material and topics discussed.

I endeavour to do my best to uphold group dynamics and space and my loving priority is for the safety of All ‘onboard Ship,’ so to speak.

However, whilst I positively injoy ‘colourful characters’ and respect and honour “freedom of speech” – especially during these challenging, turbulent times with online censorship being off the charts.

I must, however preserve myself and the group space and therefore respectfully reserve the right to remove anyone who is infiltrating, possessed, using covert or overt psychic attack, or being rude, insensitive and disrespectful to others.

I will, however, give “Notice” to this end to allow: “Higher Self to Take Command” to give you a chance to auto-correct any mis-aligned behaviour – so you are not causing harm – in respect of yourself and All concerned.

Freedom of Expression :

This being said, this Course is one of Freedom of Expression and invites you to be transparent and true to self in a safe, loving and emotionally mature space.

If, however anyone is struggling with the intensity of the material, or has any issues, puzzles or concerns, – as well as joys to share – please reach out to me: and let’s see how we can best assist you with this as your welfare is of utmost priority.


I highly encourage you to consult the PROTOCOLS page for self-care and vibratory support.

Thank you for your inner-standing and respecting our Group Field, in Highest Alignment.

I will use video (‘AI facial recognition’) but please respect this can be depletive due to the challenging internal mechanics of upholding space in group dynamics.

I may Wing In and Wing Out, ie use Audio so I can preserve internal dynamics.

Thank you for innerstanding!

You are encouraged to use your video camera but if you are adversely affected by this tech, I innerstand but I do InJoy to see and interact with your Essence.

Hands of Light: Etheric Surgery Bio Luminescence 3

Recording of Courses :

Please know this will be recorded automatically upon entry and uploaded to the Krystal Waters Shop to benefit all those who choose to receive this essence. 

If you do not consent to having your face/voice/presence publicly on this recording, perhaps consider if this medium of expression is for you? If so, I innerstand and hope to see you somewhere in Vibratory Alignment soon…….  🙂

Or, let us also discuss if there are moments to turn off the recording if one wants to share private/intimate information solely between the live course participants.

I may provide suggested readings/videos/audio that I encourage you to view before a class especially if it takes some time to obServe and/or integrate.

Some will have TRIGGER WARNINGS as it is very sensitive information. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION with anyone outside the Group Field to preserve frequency space.

If you get a clear “NO”, to not view this info, please TRUST this, however if you get a clear “YES”, please ensure you are in SOURCE SHIELD to protect energy bodies and TRUST Highest Outcome.

Please integrate PROTOCOLS page if you need extra vibratory support before/after these classes.

PDF’s, Audio/Video & Materials

I supply beautiful, interactive PDF’s of each slide and you are free to study these for personal use and I highly encourage this as many vis-able and ‘silent’ Kees & Codes are housed within that will further help with vibratory expansion and integration.

If however, you want to use these, including audio and video material in your teachings/workshops/groups etc, I ask that you kindly CONTACT ME first to ask my permission to use, it won’t necessarily be a “no” but I will need to check in with the vibration.

Acknowledgment of other Sources..

I have attempted to honour any other material Sources as best I can in gratitude for their invaluable contribution to my Creations. If however I have overlooked something, please contact me and I will do my absolute best to correct this.

Thank you, in appreciation!

CONTACT ME : SUN BEAM-AURORAthroughout the whole of the Course, or via email provided in PDF INVITE you receive when you purchase the course. I will get back to you ASAP. If you wish to know further information about this course, please get in touch…. Thank you!

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None of the information on this website is meant as a substitute for medical advice or legal advice. The information on this website is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. 

Waiver and Acknowledgement {T & C’s}

Instruction Sets :

  • etheric surgery : Genetic Technicians and IAFW Code of Ethics
  • Crystal Fingers II : Implant Removal, entities, AI nano tech, taggers & trackers, disease patterning’s…
  • Cosmic Generator Glyphs
  • Bio resonance of organs +
  • 12 Cranial Nerves : a deeper exploration – as
  • “Architechs of Light”
  • bioscan aura to protect energy field and light bodies.
  • Automatic Writing: Multi-Sensory: Activating Higher Mind.
  • Jumping Timelines and Mastering Realities
  • Psychic Defence SWAT Team (Spiritual War-Fair AvaT0r Training)
  • Grounding, Elemental Re-Encryption zone
  • Deeper dive: Pre birth/berth Agreements (Soul Contracts) “Core Encryption”
  • Liquid Light Cleanse : AurA, Crystal bodies, plasma light bodies
  • Embodying “Personal Power” and loving energetic boundaries with clients etc
  • And as Guided in vibrational harm0ny…

please know I respectfully reserve the right to change course material and times as intuitively guided in harmonic alignment with group dynamics and current intel etc. Thank you!