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  • AlbionRock of Compassion, Albion



    ALBION, Frequency Photo Booklet

    We present a fine, modern collection of Biosphere, Landscape where ancient root races 1st emerged into Earth Elder Matrix to lay Grids for humanity to evolve..

  • Krystal-Healing-Waters

    Krystal Healing Waters


    A deeply healing Kaleidoscope of ancient rich lands, purifying soul, removing entities, negative thought forms, programmings etc, connecting to Elemental Water Kingdoms and LeMUria. This Frequency Activator Template is very close to my heart and comes encoded with purifying waves of Omnilove from Mother Arc and Her many Crystal Chambers to soothe, comfort and dispel…

  • Magical-Rainbow-Inner-Child

    Magical Rainbow Inner-Child


    Magical Rainbow Inner-Child Healing..

    Liquid Light Heavens (7th plane) to release and free ‘child bondage’, trapped in false overlays, false worlds, false dragons, dungeons, lions, false ivory tower, princess phenomena etc….

    Please be aware whilst this is a powerful Activator, it is only a visual receptor and you will need to do your deep Inner-Work.  This can work as a Trigger Code, comforter, soother….. Amplifier of Cosmic Solar Dreams of Freedom… Thank you!

    *I am launching a whole video series, Healing, Magical Rainbow Child, in 2021*

  • mother-arc-rainbow

    Mother Arc, Rainbow


    Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Stargate, rich, magical Lands, Massive Pylon Crystal Generators, Light, Sound, frequency patterning’s to bring deep remembrance and soul star comfort..

  • UlurU

    Mother Arc, UlurU


    Mother Arc, UlurU

    *UPDATE 11:11:21*  Within loreful respect of the Sovereigns of Australia I have made this Template as a GIFT for All.

    Please see SCROLL Dear Freedom Fighters

    The Mother Arc Opens and ancient Treasures are revealed through Cosmic Egg and Heart of Creation… UlurU, (Ayers Rock) Australia….. Inter-dimensional Time-Jump Stargate to Mother Cosmic Aethers to activate Sacred (Mother) Dragon.

    Commanding strength, regaining Power of Presence…… Commitment to Mission, undaunted……. Healed, whole, re-born to overcome all adversaries.

    Dragon 1st Fire Activation, warm, fiery Volcano Heart and Cosmic Earth-Heart Mother STARGATE

  • plasmatics



    Electric Plasma Balls, Rainbow Manifestation Balls and rich wonderland of Quantum Physics, Stargate Opener… Earth, Air, Fire Water, Conductor…. Electricity and Water Temples.

  • Quan Yin-Krystal-Rose-Heart

    Quan Yin, Template


    Quan Yin – Crystal-Rose Heart, Frequency Activator and stabiliser, infused into Core Seed of Heart & Soul.

    Multiple Holographic Roses pouring out liquid Rose Light of love, infused directly within heart chambers, overwriting illusionary tales of love, power & control…… RESETTING COMPASS TO TRUE:

    Raw, authentic Love..


  • Stargate Aurora

    Stargate Aurora


    A multi-sensory visual journey into the electric Rock-STAR Creation …

    Multi-prismatic Light. A STAR GATE Opener.. Liquid Light abunDANCE Codes, transcend ‘Black Hole’ illusion..

    Andromedan Galaxy High Vibes!

  • starseed chrysalis

    Starseed, Chrysalis


    Awakening Starseeds to Soul Mission and life purpose,

    Soul Star comfort within Pod of Life, Galactic Connection: Sirius Timelines & Vista Points..

    Coded Message!

  • TrueLove

    True Love


    Notions of ‘True Love’ Sacred Union, Twin Flame embodiment, Self-Love.  A Call of Soul to listen to harmonic tunes of love coming through Open Door..