Chambers of Sound

Spheres within Spheres within Spheres

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Nikola Tesla 369
Starlight- AurorA’h
Chambers of Sound 1
Chartres Cathedral
Chambers of Sound 2
Electric Plasma Storm – AurorA’h
Chambers of Sound 3
energy transducer
Chambers of Sound 4
Multi-wave Oscillator

Healing Sound Frequencies or Multiple Wave Oscillators blow apart ‘false atoms’ spinning in reversals and mutating the Human Gen0me in order to heal, viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. I believe these work, in part, alongside the Schumann Resonance, as well as Rife Frequencies:

Dr Wilhelm Reich

Dr Raymond Rife

Invisible Microbes Could Now Be Seen

It is widely accepted that, in 1920, Royal R Rife began his experiments using electronic frequencies on viruses and bacteria. Previous to that time, microbes were invisible, but using his own powerful microscopes, he was able to see them.

By 1933, he had built what was called the Universal Microscope. This microscope was amazingly powerful and complex with its 6,000 parts. Dr. Rife claimed that his microscope could magnify an object to 60,000 its size…. It could observe the microbes while they were still alive. This was different from the electron microscopes which destroyed the viruses and bacteria.

Virus and Bacteria Could Be Killed

What Dr Rife claimed is that each microbe has its own resonance frequency. With the Rife technology, he bombarded the microbes with light frequency which matched that of the microbe at an intense level. He called his machine the Beam Ray machine. What he said happened was that the microbes would explode or shrivel up and die…

Healthy Cells Are Not Affected

Since the frequency is different for any other healthy cells near the unhealthy ones, those cells are not damaged no matter how intense the frequency is.

Royal Rife

Chambers of Sound 5
Chambers of Sound 6
Chambers of Sound 7
Chambers of Sound 8
unknown source

In a nutshell, the Schumann resonances are the name given to the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere, between the surface and the densest part of the ionosphere. They’re named for the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974) who worked briefly in the United States after WWII, and predicted that the Earth’s atmosphere would resonate certain electromagnetic frequencies.


Sacred Crystal Heart

(Higher Heart – Thymus Gland/Core Seed Atom)

Chambers of Sound 9
Sacred Crystal Heart

Thymus Gland and Holy of Holies

Chambers of Sound 10

endocrine system M & F (Thymus Gland-Higher Heart and Core Seed Atom) tap thymus gland once strongly and then lightly for 5-6 seconds to activate Immune System and Inner strength. Just think of a Gorilla who pounds his chest for strength!

Chambers of Sound 11

Baby Gorilla strength! 🙂

Hypogeum, Malta – Holy of Holies

I believe it was in 2016 I was called to Malta to align Divine Mother Templates. I visited the Hypogeum after hiring a Taxi to take me through the suffocating winding stone streets filled in Roman architecture.

When we finally arrived, standing in the foyer of the Hypogeum I remember feeling oppressed, scanned, watched…. Eyes were everywhere from security to reception. It was a horrible, tense atmosphere………. They barked out orders about not taking photos or video and to keep together as a group etc… It was very intimidating and not a sacred feeling at all……… Almost, military stalking!

As our party were called in, I checked the time and it was 11:11 and I remember feeling jubilant. We were instructed to put headphones on and listen to a recording of the the tour which naturally I didn’t preferring to listen to my own Inner Guide and presence and soaking up the atmosphere.

I got a big headache and was startled at one point as I saw some eyes staring at me from behind a fenced in part. I wasn’t afraid, just curious as I had met someone a year before who told me alien presences were in there……… Naturally, I wondered “why is this fenced in?” “What are they hiding?”

Chambers of Sound 12
Image: Collective Spark

Some places felt dark and dank, others filled in light, especially the “holy of holies” chamber when a single drop of water fell on the tip of my Crown and trickled down my forehead which is remarkable considering the below message on the image. I felt blessed and touched and said a silent “Thank you”.

I believe the Holy of Holies is a magnificent Sound Chamber originally used for Healing ceremonies using Scalar Wave technologies of vibrating octaves of sound performed by Healers and Sacred Essenes. A few years before my visit they used to allow healers and the like into the Chamber to perform ceremonies but this was stopped by the AI’s.

It is said that standing in the Hypogeum is like being inside a giant bell. At certain pitches, one feels the sound vibrating in bone and tissue as much as hearing it in the ear.  Sarasota arts and architecture critic Richard Storm explained the sensation: “Because you sense something coming from somewhere else you can’t identify, you are transfixed.”

Chambers of Sound 13
Holy of Holies, Heritage Malta

Overall, I was relieved to leave that place and felt much inorganic material had been implanted there to misogynies the Divine Feminine.

However, much has been restored in our Krystal Cathedral activations.