Diamond Deluxe Detox Bath

Deluxe Bath

3/4 cup of Epsom Salts*

3/4 cup of Sea Salt (or Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt)*

Large handful of Magnesium Flakes* 

3/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar*

3/4 cup of  Baking Soda*

10 drops Lavender Oil (optional but lovely!) 

A Crystal of your Choice?

* Please adjust to personal requirements

This ‘Diamond Deluxe Detox Bath‘ is a ‘Magical Wonder’ dream bath to powerfully detox energetic system as well as physical body, revitalising senses and equilibrium.  Especially if experiencing stress and lots of ascension symptoms: aching muscles, headaches, disorientation, confusion, overload, mental /physical exhaustion, agitation, negativity, restlessness etc.

Or after a Healing Session, or heavy challenging day!

It deeply cleanses, purifies and rejuvenates the system. Wipes the ‘Palette’ Clean and allows Higher Frequency Transmissions to come through purity of energetic structure.  Sweeps through karmic debris, emotional & mental anguish and restores physical perfection and hormonal balance.

Water Elemental/Deva & Light Rod

Lovingly Invoke your personal Over-lighting Deva & Body/Water Elementals to assist you to truly detox, rejuvenate and clear, cancel and delete negative programming and anything not serving your Highest Truth?    

Allow all negativity to wash through you and be lovingly purified by your Light Bodies. Activate ‘Happy Dancing Cells.‘ to dance through you, if you choose? Letting go of resistance and being in Optimum Flow..

You may program Crystal to amplify medicinal effects of the bath, assist with ‘Mastering Realities’, magnetise True Love or whatever resonates Heart’s Desire…?  

Sleep with Crystal and cleanse in morning!

You may feel very tired after this bath, so wrap up warm and dream softly and awake restored and refreshed in morning.. Beautiful! 

Open your Diamond Heart, relax, savour and enjoy… 

(Soak for at least 20 mins in splendour!)