Secrets of Quantum Healing 1
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Secrets of Quantum Healing

:・゚✧Incredible Data…:・゚

Essential, life-giving information from : 13thMotherKlan Woman : karen ann lucyk macdonald

:・゚✧:・゚MUST WATCH: equally LIFE_SAVING data/intel/information on the essentials of COLONICS: Colon Hydro Therapy… Like go out and grab your enema kit bag straightaway… !! 🙂 Truly.

:・゚✧:・゚I’ll probably be updating this as we go along, so please check back… These are the kind of protocols we really need to inbody Right Now, to not only improve our health but to raise our vibratory pitch in alignment with New Earth technologies… I know a thing or two about colonics but this is off the charts!! Into the Beyond… As always, trust own discernment and follow your heart…….. 💝

also see 1st video on Essential Oils :

Playlist here:

Image: Kirlian Photography of a Cacao plant

Project Incension

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