The Challenge of the Warrior - Water Bowl Session 1
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The Challenge of the Warrior – Water Bowl Session

by 💧 -David Cole,💧 who is an exceptional gifted Healer and Light Warrior – Freedom Fighter whom I have watched from the beginning of this “lock-down.” I have seen him violently arrested for speaking his Truth and standing up to the corporations who terrorised the indigenous first nations and targeted him for speaking up for the Children. His people coerced into having medical interventions that they did not want to but would be refused aid, food and help if they did not “comply”. Yet throughout he maintained dignity and respect and Now he has produced this exceptional “Water bowl Ceremony” that quite frankly had me in tears from beginning to end! I invite you to lovingly immerse yourself into this absolutely beautiful and empowering healing experience filled in vast ancient wisdom codes of the First Nations people. Thank you dear David, what an incredible transformative Gift you have given us to help us heal the beauty of the Inner-Child and purify the Soul.💧

Darling, AurorA’h