The Black Pearl

A Sailor’s bitter-sweet kiss
as russet Sunsets sail by
a salty twinkle in eye!

Anchored in knots,
bound to stomach
Stolen Thy heart.

Fiery engines roar from start:

“Throw him Overboard!”
The ‘Black Pearl’ has spoken.

Little shiny black boy,
used as token!

Intelligent, Map Reader,
whose heart is, a Star
Dazzling white teeth
Yet lies accused of being a Thief!

Torn from bosom of Mother!
Yanked from Pillar to Post..

Who shall care for little boy
with shiny curl?
Sold onto Cargo Ship,
Black Pearl!

They sit around ‘Gourmet Table’
to Toast!
He, the Captain’s ‘play-thing;’
He serves, smiles, beguiles, tells no lies.
Just to sing!

Waiting for feast of pitiful, sound
Rotten and trodden
the lynch mob surround!

I smile; and I sweep and dance
on merry feet.”

He looks to Eagle, flying over
bellowing full Mast

“Still my sorry Net is cast!”?

They laugh, sneer and heckle
to pass time away..
He, aghast, alone, down trodden:

“Why is mankind so bitter rotten?”

He doesn’t understand?
Cloaks himself in ‘coal sack’; skin’
Splinters tear into flesh;
bitter cold salty air mixed in.

Hidden to people in cloth of
pearly white
He used to tropical Sun!
Yet tied in, whipped and

“Where can I run”?

Still he cowers, shields, bows and
lowers on all fours.

His Sun, knows no wolves;
yet now faces, pack!
Dripping in gaping wounds
from slashes to back.

Murderous crew
are building crescendo of song.

Instead to fish for life-giver of Ocean
He, ‘black-bait’, used as common

Education was All:
A way out of Field!
His father taught him to read.
This planted Seed,
to overcome any Misdeed!

Innocent freedom
in colourful hue;
Tales of adventures across Ocean
still dripping in Sweet Nectar,

Hope strewn across littered
Cargo seas
Gifts of finest Indian Silk.

Coconuts, baptised in
Mother’s Milk!

His Exit of Dark Womb;
to look once again to radiant Sun
and smile his final goodbye:
a sweet, multi-coloured Ocean of Lullaby.

In honour of all those Set Free….

Clearing Time-lines

The Black Pearl Poem is written as a reflection of a Time-Line I endured in 1600’s on a Cargo Ship from Western Africa to France. Whilst its essence is distressing, in reality it was far worse! (see below). I choose to write about it from recesses of Soul to clear ALL SLAVERY CODES.


Graphic description of: ‘Coal Sack; Skin’ Read with Caution as contains Trigger Codes to heal past-life traumas of abuse:

This is a term I wrote to highlight the atrocious ridicule and abuse suffered by the little boy who was savagely beaten near to death, viciously sexually violated by the male crew and then wrapped in a Coal Sack as they taunted him with racial references to further shame and humiliate him. The splinters agonisingly tore into his bloody flesh and stuck to it like skin as they proceeded to rub salt into his open wounds whilst he screamed in agony! Finally, his precious body was savagely chopped to pieces to cover up their shame and his body parts were thrown overboard to be fed to the sharks.

If you need to, please Breathe into the Image to release,…….?


Current Timeline:

In November 2019, I went to Nice, France for a holiday and as I strolled around the Port I saw a flashy yacht called the: Black Pearl and couldn’t believe it as I had not long revised ‘The Black Pearl’ and ironically the ‘holiday’ was turning out to be a complete disaster!

I instantly knew I was here to clear this Time-line, not just for self, but all slavery, suffering, injustice, poverty, rape, prejudice and insidious power and control mechanisms etc..

I felt called to perform it live in front of the magnificent Ocean and give Shell offerings to the Womb of the Sea for Her Sacred Essence to “WIPE CLEAR” and release all shame, humiliation and persecution codes from Humanities Blueprint……. It was the most empowering, alive freeing feeling to allow the Ocean to heal this Timeline……

If you’d like to listen to live version, here it is?

The Black Pearl, performed live, Nice Nov/19

Pearl of Participation

If you’d like to perform this live to an audience (in which ever way feels right) to RESET these Codes of Injustice – in Love, Truth & Honour! You may print-out PDF with my Blessings? I do not need credit for this, therefore it is Unsigned….


“Nice to be Nice!”