The Great Heart Opener

Within the full grace and protection of my 12D Avatar and SOURCE SHIELD :

I Am the Great Heart Opener, the Heart I AM

I Am the Open Doorway to Infinite Possibilities coming My Way.. 

I Am the Light, the Light I Am

I Am the Truth, the Truth I Am

I Am the Joy, the Joy I Am

As I take a deep breath in Now….

I Am Opening my HEART to All that is truly real in my world!

For I Am Remembering the Truth of who I Am!

As Legions of Mighty Christed Angels Descend upon my Crown

through my Channel of Light..

I Am in-breathing the Whole of Creation through my Open Door

For I Now remember my True Purpose for which I first drew breath..

I Now, Remember my True Galactic heritage and I Now, Remember my True Angelic frequencies of the Highest Order.

With every breath I take Now….. My Open Door expands into Infinite Realms..

Yet I truly know it is a Joy to be fully earthed and Alive in my physical expression.

As a smile of relief forms naturally upon my precious face.

I Remember, I Am the Great Heart Opener of Love, Love, Love , I Am

                    And So It Is! It is Done! Sealed in Living Light!

Thank you!


performed in a Frequency Spot in nature whilst walking with an ensemble of birds to Light your Way…

Please see An Angel Speaks: Sunday Update: 02/01/22 and Krystal Cathedrals

The Great Heart Opener 1

The Great Heart Opener 2

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