MM: May 2022-Telomeres and Fountain of Youth - Krystal Healing Waters 1

MM: May 2022-Telomeres and Fountain of Youth – Krystal Healing Waters

Telomeres and Fountain of Youth –

Kryst💎l Healing Waters


Thursday 5th May @ 5.00 pm uk time


please see timezone convertor

MM: May 2022-Telomeres and Fountain of Youth - Krystal Healing Waters 2


Please know this will be recorded and uploaded to my Creativity Soul Studio*, Channel and/or other mediums to benefit all those who choose to receive this essence.  If you do not consent to having your face/voice/presence publically on this recording, perhaps this medium of expression isn’t for you? If so, I innerstand and hope to see you somewhere in vibratory alignment soon…….  

We will be performing a Presentation TransMission, guided meditation/activation, collective healing and Q & A’s and cannot say how long this will be, lets say 2-3 hours, could be more or less…….

Expect some colourful CALaMities!! 😉


Here is Zoom Link:

AurorA’h Coral Rai is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Telomeres and Fountain of Youth – Kryst-l Healing Waters (5/5/5)
Time: May 5, 2022 05:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 9936 9957
Passcode: 308221


*depending on nature of decode etc due to NP’s (nosey parkers) who seem to be on censorship overdrive.

If you are unable to join live, all is well, I will send a REPLAY link within 24 hrs as all healings etc will be free of time and space so you can tune in, or retune in as many times as you like …… 

The presentation is a Gift, if however you feel Called to DONATE, I would very much appreciate this to go to the Souls of Christ, Orphanage in Uganda.  My friend Simon is Guardian to 54 children and always in need of support.  You can read about him and the Children here: 

Okay, lets 💎 this!! 🙂

Darling, AurorA’h and the Beloveds 

MM: May 2022-Telomeres and Fountain of Youth - Krystal Healing Waters 3


Here is the Replay (Video & Audio) rather large file so making it available as download. Also a PDF so you can access Living Light Codes and immersion experience. Wonderful Beloveds, Thank you so much for this multi-sensory experience into the “Creatrix”… 🙂 (maybe headphones better in activation section)

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