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Souls of Christ, Ministries

Souls of Christ, Ministries

Simon’s Misson:

“We are Souls of Christ ministries Uganda,  a home to 54 children,  our aim is to protect children from the social injustices and evils that are rampant here in Uganda.  These children are orphans got from streets,  other children are those we have saved from children traffickers and as well as those that carry on ritual sacrifices to these children.  We provide education,  shelter, food and any other basic needs to these children.  We have done this for the past years and we are here to ask for donations and support towards us. All donations and monies fully go towards improving the lives of these children,  extending hope and spreading love.”

– Simon – Director of Souls of Christ Orphanage

Souls of Christ, Orphanage – Uganda, Africa

Who would’ve thought that twirling around on the ‘free speech’ platform: Telegram that I would meet the beautiful Soul of Simon who is Guardian to the many children of the Souls of Christ, Ministries, an Orphanage which he set up in 2017 in Uganda, Africa.

I had been researching SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and joined Jeanette Archer’s group as I admired her tremendous courage and fortitude to survive a childhood of such horrific atrocities. Only an Angel can do that! And indeed this epitomises her very being.. (*see notes).

So we began a pleasant dialogue together as I respected his total commitment to the safety and welfare of these precious children. I saw their beautiful smiling faces and my heart melted – and you know when you have that gut feeling that you got to do something – well that’s how I felt! So I sent a small donation, all I had at the time!

Well, I was completely overwhelmed at the response which came pouring in with a gorgeous “Thank You” video and adorable images of the Children filled in sheer warmth and kindness that it blew me away and I totally burst into tears!

Mom Adele X

Message of Hope

At the time, I was very low because of the homeless situation I still find myself in having had to flee my beautiful home of 20 years a year ago because of systematic harassment from a violent neighbour possessed by dark spirits.

Yet here I was feeling sorry for myself and out of nowhere I receive this utterly touching Message of Hope that in a moment my whole world of perspective changed! My relatively small contribution could truly make the difference in the lives of these children and indeed invoke such a kindness in return that it instantly restored my faith in myself and humanity and I felt ever more determined to help.

Simon’s Story

Simon is the Director of the Souls of Christ, Orphanage and his story is equally compelling as “he began feeding children on the streets with donations from families and friends and using his own money to provide them with basic needs. He even began to find places for them to live, creating a make-shift orphanage for the many helpless children. One incident in particular deeply affected Ggita. It occurred after a heavy rain fall when he found a nine-year-old orphaned boy, Kevin, dead in a water trench, as he and many other kids lived under road culverts and in these trenches.  Seeing this child’s lifeless body was horrifying and motivated Simon to dedicate his life to serving God and helping these children.“

Currently with the unlawful ‘lock-down’ restrictions worsening in Uganda, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Simon to get food and provisions for the Children and it is a constant struggle to keep his head above water. The Orphanage is desperately requiring funds to sustain itself!

Labour of Love

I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it is to sustain such a commitment as this to look after the welfare of these Children which can only be a Labour of Love. Yet I know deep in my Core that with the Will of God anything is possible!

God has placed in Simon’s hands a mighty Mission but I know with his determination and your loving support, kindness and generosity that together the Souls of Christ, Orphanage will continue to thrive, prosper and provide a place of sanctity and commitment to these deserving children.

Simon is a Visionary with great plans for the future, including creating an organic vegetable and fruit garden which will provide the Orphanage with an abundance of crops to self-sustain itself, especially through these troubling times.

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Seeds of Love

Recently, I sent Simon and the Children some “Seeds of Love” to get them started which they will plant in August which fills my heart with joy.

Beloveds, If you can graciously assist him with any resources to buy the necessary land to make his Seeds bloom into Creation, I am sure you will be greatly rewarded with such kindness as I am…. Truly awe inspiring in knowing and feeling God’s goodness to rightfully assist our beautiful Children. Please trust your Heart Calling as no donation is too small or large and will be put to good use immediately!

Thank you!

Lovingly, Mom Adele X

I have set up a you tube Channel for Souls of Christ Ministries if you wish to connect with Simon there: Here is the link.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Souls of Christ, Orphanage and Simon’s Mission and graciously ask you to leave any comments below and I’ll be sure that Simon and the Children receive them with all your love…. X


You can view the interview with Jeanette and Jon Wedger here: Caution: Please know this is horrific, disturbing information and I suggest you ask within your heart whether you need to listen? If “yes”, lovingly protect your energy field with a beautiful Sphere of 100% white, Diamond Light, or Source Shield and if you get a “no” trust this…..

Perhaps ask another time when feels right for you? As I believe it is essential viewing if we want to understand the depths of depravity that exists within many of these ‘elite’ societies and the incredible will of the Spirit to survive and overcome such atrocities. Ultimately empowering us to support the exposing of such heinous crimes against our children and human race.

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