There's a place for you.. 1

There’s a place for you..

There's a place for you.. 2

My father sent this to me today at 11.11am which was very sentimental to me being a stargate holder of this Dimension and made me cry during these extremely challenging times .

So just remember when you’re feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom that there’s a place for you in this world, in fact it wouldn’t be complete without you……..

You are loved beyond measure!

(Also take note of the Trinity of Master Reset Numbers):

66: 11:22: 11:11

I don’t know who the singer is so I cannot give recognition, but Thank you! X

“The Inbetween Time”

by Mark Attwood

Just waiting.


The shift 
from carbon, 
to crystalline…

The inbetween time

Dreaming awake.
Make no mistake

Removing the head of the snake

Fangs no more
The sliding doors
All now mine…

The inbetween time

Observing Sun Tzu
A new Boogaloo

Military coup?

Queen sacrifice
Bishops paying the price
Hidden, no reason or rhyme…

The inbetween time

Frequency high
Sixth sun in the sky

Reveal the lies

Judgement day then arrived
Hope again revived
For the ending sublime…

Of the once inbetween time.

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