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MUST SEE: The Sovereigns in Australia have Taken Command of the “Old Parliament House” which the Queen or corps-e-ration unlawfully built on their Sovereign Land. They are making a Statement that: “The New World Order is Dead”!!!

Also, see :

It is Time Scroll and


video supplied from TAP Western Sydney Suburbs: Dylan Wilson with Bumajin Gumbaynggirr

below images: Dave Omeega’s channel, with thanks x

Update: 31st December: Shortly after this video, a fire was started at this building in mysterious circumstances burning down the main doors. Max Igan in his latest “Power of Words” video says it “stinks of a false-flag”. Whilst I cannot confirm whether this is the case or not, please use own discernment and take what resonates and disregard anything that does not ring true for you? Thank you!

Love this image….

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