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Blood Cleansing Herbs

The old bloodline families made a big deal on blood because it holds DNA codes & information. This is why human DNA & blood are being attacked — to disconnect & corrupt our Divine codes. Human blood carries Memory Seed atoms, genetic encodings of our earthly lineage, our cosmic lineage & our Divine heritage.

Understanding this is key to maintaining an authentic & organic homeostasis. Human blood is the sacred nectar that flows in our body-vessel carrying all vital nutrients. If the blood doesn’t flow, the body doesn’t operate. If the blood is too polluted, diseases will manifest itself. Human blood, and the body in general, is made mostly of water & water has consciousness — which means human blood is programmable, like our DNA.

Make mental & physical efforts to cleanse your blood. The higher frequency energies will also assist in upgrading your whole body-vessel. This PDF is an 18-page doc Blood-Cleansing Herbs that will help you do so.

Provided by: @drue86 with thanks x

Blood-Cleansing Herbs by Mindy

Still in Creation…….. I Will add more Herbs etc as I go along….

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