Electric Plasma Storm


Electric Plasma Storm MP3

Lightning fast turbo charger, reboot to CNS (Central Nervous System)

CALM, SOOTHE, Re-orientate Internal Compass


Nature Kingdom Connector!

TESLA Transmitter & Super Conductor

PLASMA POD frequencies.


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Electric Plasma Storm MP3


A ‘small & mighty’ electric re-charge to clear tension in CNS (Central Nervous System).  This was transmitted through me during a spectacular Lightning Storm pulsating with higher sonic frequencies when preparing Mechanics for PLASMA POD. (This is included in PLASMA POD, Frequency Stabiliser, package)

I suggest to play Electric Plasma Storm when you are feeling tense, angry, fretful, anguish, alone, afraid etc, It’s only just over a minute long but wow does it get to work to re-activate, refresh, rejuvenate electrical cells to super-conduct…..

Thus, drawing in healing ‘Primal Rains’ to wash through cells and remind them to spin in positive atomic structures of New Wave Earth frequencies.

Video Source: Unknown (Thank you!) – Electric Fireball released after an Electric Plasma Storm!