Mad as a Hatter

I look around me and everywhere I see a controlled, ignorant force being propelled to lose sight of their trust and connection to their Eternal Source. It’s excruciating and alienating to see the affects that this corruption has had on the them.

Heads bowed down, gagged and drugged by the beamer TV Force, the invisible, visible Police Box which controls their thoughts, ideas, atomony, grace and Truth. I do not judge them, instead I pour compassion into their Field – if they chose to receive it – as it’s always their choice because deep inside they are terrified?

Terrified of an invisible lie, a ‘hocus pocus’ trick and mind-spell yet equally needs to be busted, broken and ousted out of the collective morphogenic field before it drags us all down into the Phantom.

I always knew this was possible that one day they would succumb to the numbing-dumbing down of atom’onous soul but I guess i didn’t realise how separate and alone it would make me feel. Perhaps I could just hide away, fall through the cracks, quietly get on with my Mission working with our Elementals but now I stick out like a sore thumb. Every time, I dare to go into a supermarket without a mask, and yet walk by the local bar and see not one person with a mask or’ social distancing’, so why should I succumb to this lunacy?

There are those that seem to enjoy the incarceration, wear pretty fashion statements, not realising that a bunch of psychopaths and perverted people driven by S & M fetishes are gagging them and enjoying their power.

Sadly, I keep seeing the Fauci guy, as “Mad as a Hatter” laughing at the “fools,” who are listening to his lies, filled in “mercury poisoning” (where this term comes from) oozing out of his wounds of blatant deception. Also, the Gates guy infected with “physical and mental ailments, including tremors (dubbed “hatter’s shakes”), speech problems, emotional instability and hallucinations” with his erratic body gestures, getting off on controlling the people, falsely making them believe his ‘mad scientist’, toxic concoction will save the people, meanwhile deceptively wanting them culled.

It takes courage to remain silent too, to walk around incognito and yet observe this brutality on human flesh when I remember what proud, noble people we once were and what power we have given away to these wretched beings who have long ago lost their connection to God-Source, so they wish to drag everyone down their ‘Rabbit Hole’ of dark, dark matter.

The “ignorant swine’s” had forgotten who they truly were: of Noble Born Blood! Used as Pawns to the Checker Board King, stirred into apathy, violence and dread; he laughed and heckled as they all cleverly pretended to lay dead! 

The Girl who Fell through the Cracks

We must remember that this parasitic attachment and fixation with power, wealth and greed is making them stronger because they eat from the host. When the people wake up and realise they are the ‘Host’ – they are the “Noble Born Blood” and can instantly take back their power they’ve unwittingly given to this ‘beast machine’ – then we have hope restored!

Until then, all I can suggest to the people who have come from the ‘Future Time-Lines’ to write/Right a terrible wrong, is to remain as best we can as the “Witness Observer”, which isn’t always easy because it takes being in neutral mode to reset the Grids. Even whilst we see such war torn devastation around us, programmed to believe that wars involve guns and bullets. Yet, this is a ‘new’ kind of silent war: A war on minds involving insidious Mind Control, psychological trauma and Psychotronic Beamer technology which assaults us each day.

We can arise through this perceived ‘dark night of the soul’ when we UNITE together in sacred harmony, in remembrance of true covenant to soul: To restore the peace, to love the earth and cause “no harm, loss or injury” to anyone.

Yet boldly we must no longer be gagged into silence, to embrace the mighty depths of soul which shall house and protect you from the less than light forces shrouding this planet with their mad illusionary, spell of death and decay – and remember all life shall return to the Eternal.