Healthy AbunDance


A ‘Golden Ticket’ to remembering natural, organic birth-right filled in empowering, evocative lightening style……

TROPICAL FLAVOURS, infused in Nectar of Fruits as vibratory ‘Love-Cocktail’.

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A spontaneous Transmission amplifying flow of abundance, in empowering remembrance as natural birth-right.

Gold particles of Light/Dance of Truth/Super Novas of Success/Paradox Principle/ Tropical Flavours of Vibratory Love Cocktails…

Reclaiming all that has been ‘Lost & Stolen’, restoring Original Blue Print Waves….

A Key-Opener to restore “Golden Tickets” to abundant life…

This TransMission pulsated through me late one night and I simply had to get this our there… On a personal level, I’ve listened to this many times and its essence helped me through a very difficult time with an upstairs neighbour to remind me to reclaim layers & levels of what is mine…..? A right to peace, sanctity, safe housing, safe environment, gold reservoirs of remembering our Joy...

          & much more.. Fruity Love! Healthy AbunDance 1