Aurora Pillars of Light!


– Frequency Stabiliser

This is my Core Stabiliser, bringing Light, Colour % Sound resonating securely within 4 gigantic, Cathedral Pillars…

This is truly “Lights, Camera, Action”.  To feel confidence and courage to take positive action in life!  Earthed & rooted, yet perfectly connected to Higher Codes of Truth!

“Bouncing Bouncers” of tremendous strength, support and encouragement to fulfil Mission Codes undisturbed by electronic/inorganic interference and beyond..

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This Core Stabiliser is stored in multi-dimensional Quantum Fields of Light, within 100% Organic Liquid Light Lattice of Love.. An Elemental, Creator Substance of multi-intrinsic kaleidoscopes of Full Spectrum bandwidth Light, Colour & Sound frequencies to stabilise, overwrite lower frequency bands!

Aurora Pillars of Light, is vibrating in oscillating patterns infused into cellular structure via Crystalline Light Bodies, encoded to only bring positive, healing and protection resonant at Highest Output.

Difficult to translate this into words as its filled with frequency tones of Language of Light which is multi-intrinsic, however it comes loaded with Infinite Possibilities…

Includes an activating MP3 TransMission

empowering multi-resonant frequency PDF Booklet

Image Template & Postcard!


AURORA PILLARS OF LIGHT I, II, III VIDEO TO BE RELEASED JAN/FEB 20/20 Vision! (Wow, we did it…….. Just released: MAR 20/20 Vision!)