We will "Rise" - Paul Kasper 1

We will “Rise” – Paul Kasper


We watch the world through mired eyes Fixed on the alters of hypocrisy The blue church serves its holy wine The poison of this new theocracy We stood by and watched the free world die We won’t comply this time..

We will rise to set the world on fire Some souls are not for hire And no you won’t take me! Like David to Goliath To scream freedom or die Know you won’t take me alive We will rise!

We watch as you hide behind your lies As overlords, you preach equality I can’t stand your, false commandments I won’t worship idles of autocracy We stood by and let you sell us dry We won’t compromise, this time I know kind.. Your like Goliath to David Our stones will be your demise And if I die I’ll die! With pride!

Paul Kasper

Such a beautiful song with exquisite lyrics poignant for these modern times we are all going through.

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