Zero-Point Water – Clearing, ‘End of the World’software programme

Zero-Point Water – Clearing, ‘End of the World’ Software Programme

Zero-Point Water

It’s appalling what mechanisms are installed in place to thwart us, bombard us with etheric weaponry to assault us with etheric, sonic deflectors-bombers-grenades, solar devices to snare and entrap, twist the mind, thwart missions, degrade, demoralise and attack.

To send “Kill Codes” into our Homes, into our ‘Dentist Surgeries’ in order to drill, implant – frighten, overpower, corrupt and twist.

Meanwhile one must trust Higher Source Purposes to remain centred in Zero Point Water  which means molecules in cells are loaded in zero point harm – otherwise the waters become polluted with toxic infection and jarred messages which scramble circuitry.

I’m going to publish a CIRCUITRY RESET audio sometime soon, as I find the best way to ‘solve’ these issues is to blitz out a sound-wave to override distorted, inverted sonic mechanisms being banded around by remnants from a type of ‘End of the World‘ software programme being beamed at us….

I’ll return with an update, so I ensure I am stable and balanced as balance issues are pervasive affecting CNS System. and rest is priority…


Love, for Now…… Au x