Magical Rainbow Inner-Child


Magical Rainbow Inner-Child Healing..

Liquid Light Heavens (7th plane) to release and free ‘child bondage’, trapped in false overlays, false worlds, false dragons, dungeons, lions, false ivory tower, princess phenomena etc….

Please be aware whilst this is a powerful Activator, it is only a visual receptor and you will need to do your deep Inner-Work.  This can work as a Trigger Code, comforter, soother….. Amplifier of Cosmic Solar Dreams of Freedom… Thank you!

*I am launching a whole video series, Healing, Magical Rainbow Child, in 2021*

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I love this Magical Rainbow Inner-Child, Template.  A soothing dynamic activation and connector to Inner-Child, healing. An Igniter Flow of magical lands of LeMUria and peace and innocence restored.

This Frequency Activator gets to work with neural network to begin healing trauma lodged in CNS.